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Please vote for my proposal to be selected for the 2016 Hadoop Summit Europe. Thanks in advance!

This is an introductory level talk about Apache Flink: a multi-purpose Big Data analytics framework leading a movement towards the unification of batch and stream processing or stream processing-first in the open source. With the many technical innovations it brings along with its unique vision and philosophy, it is considered the 4 G (4th Generation) of Big Data Analytics frameworks providing the only hybrid (Real-Time Streaming + Batch) open source distributed data processing engine supporting many use cases.

In this talk, you will learn more about:

1. What is Apache Flink stack? Its streaming dataflow execution engine, APIs and domain-specific libraries for batch, streaming, machine learning and graph processing.

2. How Apache Flink integrates with Hadoop and other open source tools for data input and output as well as deployment?

3. Why Apache Flink is an alternative to Apache Hadoop MapReduce, Apache Storm and Apache Spark?

4. How Apache Flink is used at Capital One?


Slim Baltagi

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